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This is meant to be a living, breathing, evolving post to continually update links and resources to help my readers learn more about John Boyd's OODA. 

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I continue to publish blog posts that reference or dig deeper into US Air Force Colonel John Boyd's OODA framework. (This label is a link to all such blog posts on The Illinois Model, several of which are also linked below.)

It seems that enough readers feel my posts are the equivalent of jumping into the deep end of the pool. I rarely spend time introducing OODA, or give the foundational background. While I do post warnings about this purposeful omission of introductory narratives, it's only fair that I curate a post like this to share that foundational knowledge.

I'd also like to open this up to others who have recommendations on OODA, however I deserve (& reserve!) the right to separate them from my own suggestions and endorsements.


Lou's recommendations - I've read or listened to all of these. What sort of guy links to stuff he hasn't inspected himself? 
Most of the above links get deep enough into the weeds to get you more squared-away than most of those business blogs will on OODA. Something about how those mainstream blogs pervert the hell outta Boyd's work that frustrates me! 

Be sure to come back. There's certainly something I've accidentally omitted, or will come across in the future. {most recent edit: 28 SEPT 2019}


Lou's writings - Like I said, you might be lost with these probes into OODA's dark corners without first having a basic comprehension of Boyd's work. 
  • OODA: Framework of Frameworks. Connections are often more important than the parts themselves. That's why I spend so much time exploring the overlaps, spaces in-between, and opposed to deep detailed dives into the dots. 
  • When Teaching the OODA Loop is a Waste of Time.  No one can "use" OODA. Success comes from deep and broad contextual understanding, and not whether you know about Boyd's OODA or not. 
  • OODA: Magic, Mental Models, & Fake Orgasms. Feedback matters. As does Orientation Symmetry. This gets into Incestuous Amplification, Implicit Guidance & Control, and other less discussed aspects of OODA.
  • OODA: Hidden Adversaries. What if we didn't always try to confuse or disorient our adversaries, but instead saw disorientation or mismatch as an adversary itself? Few are talking about this application of OODA. 
  • OODA: Perception, Velocity, & Harmony. What's the difference between speed and velocity? Maybe we should also consider harmony and alignment over absolute speed. 
  • COMPLEXIFY: To Fix the Perversion of Over-Simplification. This begins my apology to my readers and students for teaching them some bastardized version of OODA...and for not better understanding it myself before opening my pie hole. 

What would you add to the list above? 
If I find it worthy, I'll add it. 
If not? .... You'll figure it out. 


Lou Hayes, Jr. is a criminal investigations & intelligence unit supervisor in a suburban Chicago police department. With a passion for training, he studies human performance & decision-making, creativity, emotional intelligence, and adaptability. Follow Lou on Twitter at @LouHayesJr or on LinkedInHe also maintains a LinkedIn page for The Illinois Model


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