A Whole Systems Approach, Part 13/14: Foundations to Create Happy Employees

NOTE: This is a fourteen (14) part series written by Ed Brimmer. I'm reposting his series here, with his permission. For all posts in the series, click here. Thanks for visiting! Lou Hayes, Jr. 

Part 13 continues Part 10's post which states customers can never be happier than your employees. In traditional Western management we break down systems into parts & then clearly define what each person is going to be held accountable to through metrics. This holy trinity of clarity, accountability, and metrics from a centralized team of executives who hold all the power & control over others has a huge problem. The world of business is far more dynamic than what any static set of boarding school rules can survive. In order to meet the dynamic nature of reality we must push power & control to the edges of the company. It is 100% how you make employees happy!



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Author: Ed Brimmer. Biography coming soon.


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