A Whole Systems Approach, Part 14/14: A Whole Systems Approach Vision

NOTE: This is a fourteen (14) part series written by Ed Brimmer. I'm reposting his series here, with his permission. For all posts in the series, click here. Thanks for visiting! Lou Hayes, Jr. 

After flying all 14 Parts of the series out to be shot at for feedback & improvement we've finally reached the end. I will share the whole series with a link to the open-source publication. You may take this work and do as you wish with it as I treat it more like a TED Talk concept of "Ideas worth spreading". You can cut & paste the words/images to any format or artifacts you'd like. You don't have to credit me or show the Sway Minds logo. Great ideas are those which Meme across time after their gestalt moments occurred. I did not gestalt these findings, I'm simply a fellow walker like yourselves. This last image really hits home what a personal friend/coach/mentor Cliff Kimber said to me:
"Excellence beyond metrics"
So many businesses get wrapped around the axle chasing numbers when it is human beings which matter most. As Ackoff said so well, the most important things we've learned are not taught to us in school. A long time acquantence and ferocious self-learner Lou Hayes, Jr will also publish this series on his website. [As has been published here.] My next plan is to work with folks like Lou & others to modify this work with them for their own domains of work. Happy Trails!


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This is the last post of the series. Thanks for reading!


Author: Ed Brimmer. Biography coming soon.


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