A Whole Systems Approach, Part 08/14: A Digital Kanban Board...

NOTE: This is a fourteen (14) part series written by Ed Brimmer. I'm reposting his series here, with his permission. For all posts in the series, click here. Thanks for visiting! Lou Hayes, Jr. 

Part 8 is to help fill the gap for companies who don't have adequate workflow systems to provide the Statistics needed to generate Control Charts. In my experiences even if organizations have a workflow system the effort it takes to modify the system to get adequate statistics would take a lot of time to simply get a pilot case out for review. When I was at both Microsoft and the State of Washington I asked for permission to start using a digital kanban board to help build pilot examples. In both places the image below is what I followed to get something in their hands which reflected their own environment. The 5 steps of The Kanban Method are a good starting point to get the pilot programs built out. Control Charts can be built in other ways, but for piloting it is a good tool.


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Author: Ed Brimmer. Biography coming soon.


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