A Whole Systems Approach, Part 09/14: " Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast"

NOTE: This is a fourteen (14) part series written by Ed Brimmer. I'm reposting his series here, with his permission. For all posts in the series, click here. Thanks for visiting! Lou Hayes, Jr. 

Part 9 is about addressing a truth head on that every process framework like SAFe, Lean, Agile, and Waterfall only give lip service to & then complain in the end about their failed implementations. No matter how good the first 8 pages are from a Whole Systems Approach it will fail miserably unless the culture changes first. If you only do the first 8 parts of the series you will be doing the right thing wrong! Your strategy will be eaten by the culture unless you clearly define what culture is needed in the whole system and not just expect improving other parts without improving culture will get you anywhere. Jamshid's quote reflects a whole systems awareness which is mostly lost upon process frameworks which try to improve parts only. The rest of the Series addresses culture.


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Author: Ed Brimmer. Biography coming soon.


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