Weekend Building Blocks - 26 MAY 2017

There's no value in collecting blocks unless you're connecting them to build something awesome!
Here's what I've picked up this week:
  1. Professional Policing & the Data Dilemma. If you're interested in evidence-based policy and practices, read this piece by police sergeant Jason Potts, a current board member for the American Society of Evidence Based Policing. Jason and I have different predictions on the value of research in police policy (I see it as fairly limited & overall dim). In this piece, he addresses some of the obstacles and struggles here in the US with EBP. And yes, that was my uncited quote regarding "academic BS." 
  2. The Feynman Technique: The Best Way to Learn Anything. Yes, this is from 2012! What's the difference in knowing something and knowing the name of something? I've long considered what topics and subjects I know deeply enough about to explain them to my kids. In fact, now that I'm a parent, I enjoy breaking down answers to my own kids' thoughtful questions!
  3. When Is Good, Good Enough? How Leaders Should Talk About Standards of Excellence. For you Left of Bang fans, Patrick Van Horne discusses job performance standards. I've already warned Patrick that I'll be authoring a rebuttal to this piece on the term "standards" - suggesting we need to change our vocabulary to match the particular skills and traits we seek in our team members. Watch out, Patrick! 
  4. Corporate Innovation Challenges: Culture, Budgets, and "Frozen" Management. Jeremiah Owyang brings up the idea of middle management "permafrost" in this piece on innovation. Consider the size of your organization or team and how that alone may promote or stifle creativity in your members. As a new "manager" myself, I need this reminder to keep my team members' minds engaged in adaptive problem-solving!
  5. Technical vs Adaptive Challenges. Thanks to fire chief Dennis Rogers for sharing this piece. It includes a 3-minute video lesson on the differences between technical and adaptive problems and responses. This has been my study for over a decade now as it applies to policing. Glad to see the fire service also on-board! 
I also wrote a blog post this week:

Until next week, keep creating! 

Lou Hayes, Jr.
thinking & adapting like a Tactical Philosopher


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