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Journalists, bloggers, radio shows & podcasters looking to have Lou Hayes as an interview or a guest should contact him through LinkedIn or email.

The following are a few instances where I've has been in various media. Most requests revolve around contemporary policing issues, specifically use of force, tactics, or training. It should be pretty obvious I'm not afraid to discuss challenging issues & argue unpopular stances. I'm always looking for a new conference or seminar to provoke a discussion or debate!

Dr Ayan Panja, citing The Illinois Model at TEDxBedford (UK)

23-year Veteran Chicago-area Cop Returns to Finish Finance Degree; Gies College of Business; June 2021.

WEBINARS: The OODA Loopers series. (Lou is in Sessions 3,4,5...)

AUDIO: Sacramento Residents Concerned Over Video Showing Police Shooting Unarmed Man; Martin Kaste; National Public Radio (NPR); All Things Considered show; March 22, 2018.

AUDIO: Police Reform with Lou Hayes; Colleen Powell; A Year of Listening podcast; episode 01; January 04, 2018.

AUDIO: Before an Officer Pulls the Trigger; National Public Radio (NPR); "1A" show; July 24, 2017.

AUDIO: SWAT team member Lou Hayes, Jr; Steve Olivas; The Commute podcast; episode 36; May 08, 2017.

What Could Go Wrong? Police Pushing To Bring Back “Warning Shots”; John Vibes; The Free Thought Project; March 30, 2017

AUDIO: Police Warning Shots May Be In For A Comeback; Martin Kaste; National Public Radio (NPR); March 28, 2017.

Soft Cops, Hard Cops; Scott Greenfield; Simple Justice; March 14, 2017

It's Difficult to Convict a Police Officer for Killing Someone; Greg Prickett; Mimesis Law – Fault Lines; December 23, 2016.

At Issue: Chicago Police Records Released; Curtis Black; Invisible Institute; October 24, 2016.

AUDIO: Improving Tactics, Training & Thinking; Alex Fox; Capable Civilian Podcast; October 13, 2016.

Why one cop says there is no war on cops; Doug Wyllie; PoliceOne; October 7, 2016.

Why We Need More Female Police Officers; Noah Berlatsky; Playboy Magazine; July 11, 2016.

We Need a “Blue Lives Matter” Movement—for Gun Control; Noah Berlatsky; New Republic; July 11, 2016;

Can This 10-Year-Old Training Model Be the Fix U.S. Police Need?; Christopher Moraff; NextCity; January 22, 2016.

The Case For Disarming America’s Police Force; Noah Berlatsky; Truth Voice; January 27, 2016.

Why RoboCop is not the lawman cyborg we need; Noah Berlatsky; The Kernel - The Daily Dot; January 10, 2016.

After San Bernardino Massacre, Police Depts Ask For Their Military Gear Back; Allegra Kirkland; Talking Points Memo; December 7, 2015.

When police deal with people in crisis; David Perry; CNN Opinion; February 3, 2015.

AUDIO: Managing the Law Enforcement Crisis Post-Ferguson and New York; Melissa Agnes; The Crisis Intelligence Podcast; episode 29; December 21, 2014.

AUDIO: The Illinois Model with Louis Hayes; Melissa Agnes; The Crisis Intelligence Podcast; episode 24; November 16, 2014. 

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