The "Real-Time" Disruption to Police 911 Centers

Police Real-Time Crime Centers are innovative. But they have disrupted 911 dispatch centers more than any other established institution in US policing.

"Radio room" operations haven't conceptually changed in decades. They've been the consistent hub of public safety communications -- especially so through the consolidation of dispatch centers. Despite modern technology, the format has remained relatively unchanged: information comes in from telephone calls...& is broadcast out to cops via radio.

Except now, the input of information into police operations is growing much more diverse than from 911 callers alone:

  • business & home alarms
  • cameras of all sorts
  • various sensors & triggers
  • artificial intelligence
  • GPS tracking technologies
  • pull-stations in schools
  • body worn cameras

Yet the volume & pace of 911 calls haven't slowed down at all.

RTCCs have been opening up to support the influx of this new data & to help output it to first responders in the field. Much more than by voice. RTCCs are pushing data. Pictures. Video. Maps.

But how to merge, separate, compliment, combine, absorb, or integrate the established radio room with the RTCC concept?

It's going to be a huge challenge to policing in the 2020s! Even more so for multi-agency models, where the technology doesn't integrate well.

The future is exciting.

Don't be disrupted. Join the disruptors!


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Lou Hayes, Jr. is a detective supervisor in a suburban Chicago police department. He's focused on multi-jurisdictional crime patterns & intelligence, through organic working groups compromised of investigators & analysts from a variety of agencies. With a passion for training, he studies human performance, decision-making, creativity, emotional intelligence, & adaptability. In 2021, he went back to college (remotely!), in hopes to finally finish his undergrad degree from the University of Illinois - Gies College of Business. Follow Lou on LinkedIn, & also the LinkedIn page for The Illinois Model***


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