Everything is Connected

Everything is connected. Some things...hashtaconnected. Some things: 
  • more strongly or loosely;
  • to more or less things;
  • more or less interactive.
Somebody will always disagree with where you drew the boundary around the system. They do this in two (2) main ways:
  1. Make it bigger; thereby more complex.
  2. Make is smaller; thereby simpler.
"Carving nature at its joints" will never be a wholly objective endeavor.
"All models are wrong; some are useful." - George Box

Some carvings are, however, justifiably wronger than others.


Lou Hayes, Jr. is a criminal investigations & intelligence unit supervisor in a suburban Chicago police department. With a passion for training, he studies human performance & decision-making, creativity, emotional intelligence, and adaptability. Follow Lou on Twitter at @LouHayesJr or on LinkedInHe also maintains a LinkedIn page for The Illinois Model.


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