Maybe This Complexity - Adaptability Thing Isn't For You

If you are waiting for proof or evidence, maybe this complexity - adaptability thing isn't for you.

The curveball here is that you can't avoid complexity. Adaptation is a necessary part of life. Those who fail to adapt will simply die off - either literally or metaphorically.

What you can do is shield yourself from complexity as much as possible. Maybe get a job on a factory assembly line where others make decisions for you. But then you'll probably be replaced by a robot or computer in a few years...

To limit complexity in your life, start by reducing variability in your job tasks. Get a short-lived job where checklists and flowcharts are appropriate in that procedure-driven environment.

But like I said, maybe this complexity - adaptability thing isn't for you.


Lou Hayes, Jr. is a criminal investigations & intelligence unit supervisor in a suburban Chicago police department. With a passion for training, he studies human performance & decision-making, creativity, emotional intelligence, and adaptability. Follow Lou on Twitter at @LouHayesJr or on LinkedInHe also maintains a LinkedIn page for The Illinois Model.


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