A Whole Systems Approach, Part 03/14: Ackoff's Whole Systems Approach

NOTE: This is a fourteen (14) part series written by Ed Brimmer. I'm reposting his series here, with his permission. For all posts in the series, click here. Thanks for visiting! Lou Hayes, Jr. 

As noted in my prior post, I promised I would show how to redesign your whole system to dissolve all your problems with Lean, Agile, SAFe, and Waterfall which improve parts only. That starts with ensuring we have the right thinking together. As I understand Ackoff, I believe this image is his Whole Systems approach. I am going to use this exact approach in the next 11 parts of this series. I believe this is doing the right thing after many failures doing the wrong things.


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Author: Ed Brimmer. Biography coming soon.


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