Weekend Building Blocks - Special Blogroll Edition - 26 JAN 2018

There's no value in collecting blocks unless you're connecting them to build something awesome!
This edition of Weekend Building Blocks is a slight departure from my normal list of individual posts, podcasts, articles, or videos. Instead, I'm sharing a more general list of blogs, websites, and authors that continue to have impact on my mental models and how I think.

When people ask who & what I read or follow to learn more about the things I discuss, these are the people & the sources with whom/which I continually find myself connecting. In alphabetical order:
  1. Chad Cote. Continually puts out some of the best slide decks on John Boyd & OODA that I've seen, with easy explanations on things such as Orientation Asymmetry & Incestuous Amplification. 
  2. Thom Dworak / The Adaptive FTO. Retired police supervisor & trainer studying emotional intelligence, leadership, creativity, mentoring, human factors, giving feedback, learning methods, growth mindset. 
  3. Bob Koonce / High Reliability Group. Retired US Navy nuclear submarine commander, now working with high reliability organizations, developing Operational Excellence in industries such as oil & power. 
  4. Fred Leland / Law Enforcement & Security Consulting. Retired police supervisor & trainer studying OODA Loop, complexity, adaptive leader methods, Mission Command, tactical decision games, red teaming. 
  5. Shane Parrish / Farnam Street. Blog post after blog post delving into teamwork, complexity, decision-making, performance, book reviews.
  6. Dave Snowden / Cynefin / Cognitive-Edge. Former IBM'er designed Cynefin (it's not pronounced how you might think), a framework that breaks our environments & functions into domains of Obvious, Complicated, Complex, & Chaos (& Disorder). 
  7. Patrick Van Horne / The CP Journal. Former US Marine writing on Left of Bang, analyzing human behavior, situational awareness, decision-making, heuristics, OODA Loop, security. 
  8. David Wilkinson / The Oxford Review. Breaks down research in to relatable, digestible format for those interested in learning more about scientific method, statistics, learning.
Pardon me for such a brief summary of each of these terrific resources. I could write chapters on each of them! Just click on their links and browse around -- you'll find something useful in no time at all.

I also published a blog post this week:
Lastly, Thom Dworak & I will be moderating a 3-day workshop next week just outside Chicago. We designed a new workbook for the class that we're exited to roll out. Click here for more of my upcoming events in 2018! We will be in Ohio in March & back in Chicago-Roselle in June.

I appreciate you allowing me to make these recommendations to you.

    Lou Hayes, Jr. is a police training unit supervisor in suburban Chicago. He studies human performance & decision-making, creativity, emotional intelligence, and adaptability. Follow him on Twitter at @LouHayesJr or on LinkedIn


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