Weekend Building Blocks - 23 JUN 2017

There's no value in collecting blocks unless you're connecting them to build something awesome!
I made a decision this week in Weekend Building Blocks -- I invoked my No Dickheads Rule. The absolute best thing I read this week is from a guy I know. He's a pompous, arrogant hypocrite who resorts to personal attacks against those who see the world differently than he. You won't be hearing about his awesome article from me. This is a reminder to not be a dickhead - a reminder that I myself need from time to time.
  1. Future of Work: Four Shifts Leaders Must Focus On. This is a short blog with an infographic. Tanmay Vora summarizes some thoughts from Kenneth Mikkelsen on shifts of mind, skill, behavior, and system...needed to succeed in the current climate of work
  2. Why Chefs and Soldiers Make the Best Product Managers. Few people know that I've moonlighted as security in a banquet hall and an Irish pub. Watching the kitchen and wait staff harmonize (and not always in a cool & collected way!!) to bring food together was quite impressive. I certainly see how the skills relate to a variety of industries!
  3. Why Learning Beats Knowing. In this Radio Free Leader podcast, host David Burkus has a conversation with guest Liz Wiseman. Liz talks about the value of not knowing, but being willing to learn. She's got some great stories that demonstrate her stance on being a constant learner and the mindset required to grow oneself! (Burkus' podcast is quickly becoming a favorite of mine!) 
  4. The Case for Blue Collar Work.  This is an Art of Manliness podcast episode with Mike Rowe from the TV show Dirty Jobs. Rowe is much more than a television series host. He's advocating for career development, opportunity, and finding a sense of purpose in work. As a college dropout, this podcast episode hit home with me. 
  5. Inversion: The Crucial Thinking Skill Nobody Ever Taught You. James Clear makes a case for thinking of the opposite of what you want. It's a style of self-challenge, preparation, and adopting a vital mindset to prevent or respond to failure. I sorta have been doing this in many aspects of life, but not with the intentionality that Clear describes. Go ahead...try it! 
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