Weekend Building Blocks - 02 JUN 2017

There's no value in collecting blocks unless you're connecting them to build something awesome!
Here's what I've picked up this week:
  1. Your Company's Culture is Who You Hire, Fire & Promote. How do you define your organization's values...or culture? I just stumbled upon Dr Cameron Sepah...but I can already tell that I'm going to like what he writes and promotes! He's simplified how we should look at competency versus being a nice guy or an asshole. 
  2. Competition in organizations: good or bad? Niels Pflaeging discusses the differences between healthy competitive teamwork and destructive rivalry inside our organizations. Another issue may be rivalry between various teams (or the supervisors of those teams!!). What culture are we promoting, whether purposely or subconsciously inside our teams?
  3. Fake Expectations.... Dustin Salomon is the man behind "Building Shooters." This is an article about tactical police/military training, specifically reality-based or scenario drills. While this article is focused on the firearms, tactical, and self-defense applications, the concepts he outlines could be used in any industry or field - to develop better performers!
  4. The Most Important Skill You Can Teach Your Children. I've been following online what's going on at 1871 - "Chicago's Center for Technology and Entrepreneurship" for a couple years. I'm seriously impressed with the quality of thought happening there. In this opinion piece, Howard Tullman makes a case for why we should learn how to code. The benefits extend beyond the technical. I'm a sucker for those who value the "softer" skills learned through technical proficiency! (The Doctor in SWAT School, anyone?)
  5. Cannonballs and OODA Loops. I was introduced to Bob Koonce earlier this week through a LinkedIn post that popped into my feed (after Dale Halvorson mentioned me in a reply). I visited Bob's website & quickly realized he's likely one of the few who have a deeper understanding of John Boyd's work than merely an over-simplified Observe-Orient-Decide-Act. Coincidentally, Bob lives close to me...and we're going to sharing a beer sometime soon! 
I didn't get around to writing a new blog this week. For those of you who know how 12-hour shift scheduling goes...this was my long week. Be sure to read my blog from last week that built upon the story of the doctor who attended police SWAT school:
I can't believe it's June already!!

Lou Hayes, Jr.
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