Weekend Building Blocks - 14 APR 2017

I've been contemplating how to best share the sticky tidbits of information that have attached to my brain through the week. I'm considering an e-newsletter..but for now will publish via the blog. 

There's no value in collecting blocks unless you're connecting them to build something awesome!

Here's what I've picked up this week:

  1. It's Called Hustle. This is a 12-minute SparksTalk (TED-style) video of a great friend Mike Reynolds of InnovateMap (Indianapolis). Mike cut the cord to start his own design firm. His story and attitude is realistic, but motivating to anyone considering taking a leap of faith in entrepreneurship. 
  2. High performing teams - rugby players talk emotions. This is short blog post by David Wilkinson, published in The Oxford Review. It focuses on types of emotion regulation in the team environment. I've been studying emotional intelligence, and this fits right inline with contemporary research.
  3. Developing the Innovator's Mindset. A 22-minute video by educator George Couros. He talks about "School vs Learning" and the attitude necessary to take on challenges. Included is the theory of growth versus fixed mindsets a la Dr Carol Dweck's research.
  4. Change is more like adding milk to coffee. A blog by Niels Pflaeging on change, transformation, and organizational issues related to them. I've been recently turned onto Niels with his discussion of complexity. 
  5. Thinking Spaces. A short blog by Steve Wheeler on physical design of classrooms and workspaces -- to "specifically promote ideation - creative thinking and innovation." 

Have a happy Easter everyone!



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