EVENT: Growing Adaptive Thinking; 09-11 May 2017; N Aurora, Illinois

Illinois MTU#3 NEMRT is bringing in Thom Dworak and me to present a special 3-day workshop on developing adaptive thinkers in law enforcement. This is geared for trainers and supervisors who tend to be the ones with the most influence and impact on organizational change. 

Sign up for the May 09-11, 2017, event through this link...but there's only ten (10) seats left. Here's the workshop description from the NEMRT website:

Growing Adaptive Thinking - PAT335R

May 9-11th, 2017
North Aurora Police Department, Illinois

Traditional law enforcement training programs oftentimes utilize linear instructional methods for a variety of reasons, including safety, simplicity, policy, or agency best practices.  This framework is a carry over from industrial education models primarily concerned with cost savings and the maximization of time.  When training needs are, in fact, linear, objectives are met in a straightforward way and everyone is presumably happy with the results achieved.

How do we effectively approach non-linear training applications, however?  How do we adapt our thinking to accommodate those situations in which A is not necessarily followed by B, C, or D?  The random, rapidly changing nature of police work and its attendant need for sound decision making and correct action requires adaptability at all levels and in all situations.  If officers have been given only round hole solutions and are subsequently faced with a square hole problem, how will they adapt given the training they have received?

This new, 24 hour program has been developed specifically for growth-minded students seeking to understand the "how" and "why" of decision making and how the two are linked through critical thinking and analysis of research on human development and performance.

In an immersive training environment that relies heavily on active discussion and participation in practical exercises, students will examine the following concepts:

- Building resilience to work through "failure"
- Balancing between adherence to rules and embracing creative problem solving
- Silo thinking and institutional barriers to effective communication and operations
- Capabilities versus demands
- Mitigating the effects of stress on decision making
- Working effectively with people who think differently than you
- MacGuyver your thinking in order to navigate uncertainty
- Logical triage and stacking the deck for event preparedness

This class has been submitted for certification by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board.  If approved, it will not be reimbursable by the ILETSB.

**Cancellations must be received by NEMRT 35 days prior to the start of class in order to avoid being billed.**


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