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Appreciating Awkward

We are all biased into seeing things according to our expectations. Our expectations are formed by our experiences. Our experiences are stacks of the things we've seen. And the cycle continues...
That is...until we interrupt this perverted repetition with reflection, analysis, or education.
The human brain interprets our environments and the things we encounter in clusters and clumps. The subconscious of our inner "caveman" uses mental shortcuts and patterns to make sense of things around us. As such, unless we intentionally hunt out fresh information (and have the knowledge to appreciate itssignificance) to form the best understanding of our situation, we may be seeing a distorted perception of reality.
We live in a society ofspecialists. We are athletes. Musicians. History buffs. Housewives. Financial planners. Computer geeks. Gourmet chefs. Gardeners. Hunters. Nurses. Cardiologists. Our specializations bothenlightenus. Andblindus.
Our laser-focus gives us an appreciation …

LEGOs, Leadership, American Policing & a Jazz Pianist

There is a popular quiz question in the LEGO community: In how many ways can six standard 8-stud LEGO bricks be connected? Think about that for a moment. If you think the answer is a big number, you're right. It's really big.
But off to another story first...
In early 1930's Chicago, there was a young jazz pianist named Doc Giudice. After a full day in school, this son of Italian immigrants would finish his homework as fast as possible. He'd run over to the local jazz clubs and make beautifully unscripted music...with anyone who'd care to play with him that night.
As a boy, I saw Doc Giudice play in person. In the days before cellphone video or the flashmob, he sat down unscheduled at a department store piano and entertained the customers for a few minutes. Most of them stopped in awe, dead in their tracks, and began swaying with the musical surprise.
Changing gears...
There's no shortage of professional articles on the interpreted differences betweenleadershipandma…