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When Stacking The Deck Isn't Cheating

I've been playing card games since before I was old enough to shuffle a deck or even hold a dealt hand by myself. I attribute my current adaptive, non-linear thinking approach to those childhood card-playingSundays with my family.
Many lessons have stayed with me through adulthood as a police SWAT officer and tactical trainer. They might have been taught over games, but concepts such as forecasting, strategizing, and critical thought have broad application. But standing out against all those lessons was a rather simple rule:No cheating.
One way to cheat in a card game is bystacking the deck- setting up or arranging the deck of cards so that a player will be dealt (or will draw) favorable ones. This deception turns a game from one built on chance into one of unfair advantage. The termstacking the deck holds a connotation of dishonesty and lack of integrity.
As a student of complex adaptive systems, I offer a positive spin on the term.  In order for one to stack the deck, s/he must do …