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CASE STUDY: Ferguson Missouri shooting incident and aftermath

14 AUG 2014; 6:30pm CST. LH

In the last few hours, I have fielded several requests to make comments on the Ferguson Missouri situation. Most of the interest arose from a revitalized post on analyzing the NYPD Glenn Broadnax incident. Here is my highly abbreviated analysis and setup of the situation in Ferguson, from a complete outside perspective. (I recommend reading the linked post regarding NYPD and Broadnax so I can limit the length of this post, including my background, training, and experiences.) 

The unfolding situation in Ferguson, Missouri, has several layers. Each is related to the next. There is some causality between some layers.  Some layers merely amplify the problems and concerns at the other layers:

The pre-shooting relationship between Ferguson Police and the citizens.The shooting incident of Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer.The police investigation of the shooting of Michael Brown.The public response of the shooting of Michael Brown.The police response to the…