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How Silos & Specialism Make Our People Vulnerable, Slow & Fragile

Specialists excel in special problems and opportunities. When you can predict the future, then you are best served by preparing and assigning a person who specializes in that environment and function. 
Pretend you manage a hospital emergency department. In your crystal ball, you see the next patient to be rolled into the unit experiencing a massive heart attack. You'd be smart to request a cardiac physician to the floor to await the patient's arrival. And if next Tuesday at noon, you knew a woman having a stroke would come in, be sure a neurologist is staffed.
But that's not how emergency room staffing works. Patients come in with complex mixes of injuries, illnesses, and predispositions. As such, emergency physicians with broad, inclusive backgrounds hold mindsets ofstabilization and generalism during these crises. It's not only a smart financial model for the hospitals; it's the best way to medically care for the patients!
There are nocrystal balls or time machinest…