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The Other Dimension of Resiliency

There's a lot of recent chatter about resiliency. Most discussion seems to revolve around a person's positive attitude in the face of personal setback or turmoil.
But what about purposefully-designed resiliency in organizations, systems, and processes? What doesthatlook like? 
We were sitting in our backyard last week, enjoying the neighborly company. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the playground ball bounce off the chair. I justknewthe wine glass wasn't going to survive. As suspected, the wine globe shattered into a thousand pieces onto the patio. And, seconds later, the bouncy ball was back in the hands of playful (but much more cautious!) children.
I laughed at the situation: rubber ball versus wine glass. The twoexactexamples offragilityandelasticitythat I use in my recent discussions (and draft of THIS blog!) on resiliency. I found it ironic the two collided right there in front of my eyes.    RESILIENCY: the ability for some object or item to return to its original s…