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CASE STUDY: The Glenn Broadnax Incident

This outcome is extremely unfortunate. And while I have no insider information on it, the circumstances (as reported in the news) open the door for a multitude of discussions about police training and response. I'm walking through that door with this post.

On September, 14th, 2013, in New York's Times Square, NYPD officers had a confrontation with Glenn Broadnax. During the encounter, officers fired upon and missed him. The bullets struck innocent bystanders. Another officer used a Taser to control Broadnax, who was charged with several crimes. Broadnax was unarmed and has emotional health problems.

Research the incident particulars yourself...then come back. I'd merely be regurgitating what is freely available in open source Internet inquires anyways. I'll save some research time for you and suggest this NY Times search and this NY Daily News search.

I enter into this post with intent to limit both my critique and praise for the responding NYPD officers. My purpose of…