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Deadly Force: Have We Lost Our Senses?

You are sitting in one of the finest restaurants in your city - the sort of place where the a-la-carte side dishes easily push the bill into triple digits. There's reminiscing with old friends at your table. Before you know it, you realize the discussion was so captivating that you haven't tasted your meal since the first bite. How the heck did a $50 slab of meat sneak its way past your taste buds? Better yet, how did you not notice your boss sit down at the next table over...30 minutes ago?

Change the setting: Walking down the sidewalk. You watch as a young bicyclist, darting into the roadway, is struck by a car. The car flees, but you zero in on the license plate. You check on the injured boy. Your fingers tremble as you fumble through three simple and memorized digits.  Until they pull into view, you don't even hear the waling sirens of the ambulance and police car. Weeks, months, or years still remember the numbers on the offender's license plate and th…