Media Resources for "The Survival Podcast"

Many thanks to Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast (episode #1118) for hosting us on his program. Here are some photographs and links for the podcast listeners:

A discussion on Simple Machines can be found here.
Ideas on "concept" based training and thinking can be found here.
An overview of The Illinois Model LEOpSys can be found here.
A handful of these below photos should help listeners imagine the concepts.

Obeying Priority of Fire by using the High-Low.

The two mutually-supportive tactics.

Emerging from a gangway (same as reaching a T-intersection).

Combining several of the skills into workable and more complex tactics.


  1. Heard Lou on TSP this morning. I'm just an average joe, but I see the value in at least having a basic understanding of the 6 fundamental tactical skills.

    Looking forward to learning more from your project, and apply some of these to practical situations.

    thx guys,



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