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3 Leadership Principles From a New Supervisor

Yup. I got promoted a few weeks ago. As a supervisor in a matrix organization, I’ve assumed responsibility for not only an operational team but also managing the agency’s training function.
In essence, I’m in the middle of two interwoven hierarchies, each running in different directions and environments, with different purposes, people, and systems. With one unit, I’ll be alongside the members most every day, in fast-paced conditions. With the other team, I may not see subordinates for weeks, but will be coordinating long-term goals and innovative projects.
It’d be easy for me to become overwhelmed and bogged down by the minutiae. Because of that, I’m embarking on this new journey with a set of three foundational principles – core leadership concepts that I believe will serve me well regardless of the role or organization.
Support our team in its work.
Instead of an authoritative top-down view of supervision, I believe in underlying unification andsupport.
I will see to it our team members…

The Power of Asking How & Why

When you ask a question that begins with Why, expect the reasoning, rationale, logic, intent or purpose behind something.
When you ask one that begins withHow, expect the methods, options, plans, procedures, or techniques.
We standardize the How, without coming to agreement on the Why. Or if we share the Why, we argue needlessly about the How.
My SWAT teammates gave me the nicknameTactical Philosopherwhen jesting me on my relentless challenges of Why we did what we did. And How we met those objectives. As someone who self-describes as a systems thinker, I embraced the moniker. I’ve always been a seeker of the relationships, priorities, harmony, correlations, and causes-and-effects between variables.  
Leaders share a vision of the Why. Managers employ effective coordinated How in search of reaching that vision. Both are vital to progress, growth, and success.
The Why will always be more critical. Adaptive, resilient, persevering people may need to make adjustments to and shifts in the How.…