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Getting "Lefter of Bang"

Our executive director Randy tossed out a dozen paperback copies of Left of Bang. He said, as if no one could possibly question his suggestion, "We are bringing in Patrick to speak at the conference." I picked up the copy that landed in front of me at the long table, filled with board members from the police association of which I was a director.
Obviously Randy was impressed with not only the book, but one of the co-authors,Patrick Van Horne. And when I read the book and met Patrick in person (for the first time), I found out why. While the book is based off the US Marine Corps' "Combat Hunter Program," the authors broadened the application of its concepts to a wider audience and environment.

Left of Bangimmediately went on to my must-read list for not only police officers, but anyone serious about personal safety and readiness. One of the highlights of the book is the unique behavior clusters, where people's observable behavior is categorized into one of fo…